1/11/2011 9:48:32 AMDr. Artis Cash

Grew up in Church, moved to California seeking gold. Went to prison for five years for Bank Robbery, met the Lord and died, realized a need for the Saviour, died to self and became an upright citizen in the community. Married to Debora Bonty for 28 years. Father of five. One Daughter Karen, four sons Artis Jr., Stephen, Matthew and David.

In 1995, Father spoke to start a Church in Shreveport, La. Although at the time my business that was used to fund the prophetic was making nearly 1 million or more a year. We shut it down and moved to Louisiana and formed Shreveport Christian Church. In Shreveport the headquarter for what we do outreach and abroad. The Church grew and fell back in its past 15 years, and we believe many people have been impacted by the ministry. In fact, several recorded incidents of the dead being raised have taken place, two in hospital and one whereby a man (a drug dealer) died on the operating table and the family assembled to grieve. A death certificate was issued and the family called our Church for a minister to pray with the family. I went, and was in the room with the body and Father spoke and said ‘I will to get glory from this death’, as I prayed in the spirit, an attendent was preparing the body for review by the family. When they arrived back, that which was dead came back to life. His chest was still open from the open heart surgery, yet without the pacemaker in place. He came back and testified to many about his experience while dead. The two nurses present were so amazed that they offered me their money to come twice a week and pray for those in the critical care ward.

Dr. Artis Cash
The Prophet Has Spoken