cash1Dr. Artis Cash, Pastor & Founder of Shreveport Christian Church, is recognized as one of the most active representatives of working men and women in the State of Louisiana and the surrounding Ark-La-Tex area, always willing and able to take on the many challenges in government, justice, and fair treatment. Judeo-Christian values and a no-nonsense approach are hallmarks of his person.

Recognized from the Governor’s office to the Mayor’s office, to the City Council, and the hospitals, streets, and homes of those in need of help, Dr. Artis Cash works diligently to bring about positive change in the lives of the everyday men and women.

Dr. Cash helps the elderly.
Dr. Cash helps the poor.
Dr. Cash helps business people.
Dr. Cash helps the veterans.
Dr. Cash helps the downtrodden.
Dr. Cash speaks out and stands up for fairness and social progress in all groups.
Dr. Cash gets it done. For everyone.


Born August 15, 1948, in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dr. Artis Ray Cash attended Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament School, Notre Dame High School, and Booker T. Washington High School. After graduating in 1966 he attended Grambling College before relocating to Los Angeles, California where he attended several other colleges, including People’s College of Law.

Dr. Cash opened Arsaka Research Company in 1979, which grew into maintaining the drainage system for the City of Los Angeles. The business later expanded into the building trade, employing upward of 75 people at one point.

In 1979 Dr. Cash also surrendered the dark side of his life for a full life in Jesus Christ. For 3 years he spoke before the Full Gospel Businessmen’s circuit testifying of the things of the past until the days of preparation were fulfilled so that he began a life of helping society overcome problems that he himself was once part of. His advocacy brought him before the Congress of the United States at a congressional hearing concerning lack of equality in governmental contracts. Dr. Cash received many awards, including Man of the Year Award from Crenshaw Christian Center, and other commendations for services rendered to the community.

Married 24 years to wife Debora and a father of five, Dr. Cash returned to Shreveport in 1995, where he founded Shreveport Christian Church.