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I have been moving in these things from the age of five. Speaking in front of a Baptist church in Shreveport, La. In the 1980’s in Los Angeles, California I started Signs, Wonders and Miracles ministry. Reaching into jails and convalescent homes.

In addition we began to host the Prophetic in hotels throughout the city. Many Prophets came through and major miracles and deliverances took place. Out of these meetings Prophetic gatherings was birth in Kansas City and other places. Since that time the church culture began to accept and embrace the prophetic to a limited extent.

In 1988 a meeting was held in Manhattan Beach, Calif. and the prophesies released to the then elected President. In the Detroit, Mich. area a prophesy was released on radio, given a blueprint of the remaking of that area, and the then Mayor had announced that he was running for reelection, but the word of the Lord was that a younger one would guide the city and that the current administration would not be. Moreover in Atlanta, Georgia during the worst drought in that area’s history the Governor asked for the citizens to pray and little happened, the next month we came and went on radio and announced the drought was over, within the seven days the news reported flooding.

Several attempts were sent to the Churches to acknowledge the Father’s actions and finally a word was released that what you desired will be the instrument used to prove His power. A tornado hit downtown Atlanta and the people attention began to understand the power of God.

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  • A Place called There, not Where
  • A teaching on Dreams
  • A teaching on Tithes & Offerings God’s prosperty plan
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  • From Faith to Glory, the next frontier
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  • Blind eyes opened after years of blindness
  • Cancers disappeared
  • Changed the relationship between the local church and it’s members
  • Thousands led to the LORD